Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Todays Purchases.

£1.00 Charity Shop. This makes me think of spring! I love pastels in the Spring/and Summer.

These were also from a charity shop and were £1.00 each. I just need to mmaster the tieing process with out looking like an extra from 1960's Corrie!

A midi- pleated skirt £1.00. I (badly) cut it in to a mini but luckily the underskirt looks awesome a bit longer at the front.

I bought this lipstick from an ace shop we found with loads of cheap make up in. Remember those shops from the 90's with the chemist stuff, hiar dye and cheap make up in? Yeah one of those!

Have you ever tried getting a picture of JUST your lips when you have a face mask on? Yeah me too! Anyway, this is the colour of the lipstick, It's pretty dark for my skin, so to be reserved for those very brave days!
Today Mum, Sach and I went to Dorchester shopping and then for luch. An ace day was had by all! Lunch was AMAZING, foccicia with goats cheese and rosemary.. mmm. The Boyfriend wants me to go and watch the football with him in a bit, not sure i'm up to it, loads of men, beer and shouting. I always make silly remarks that I think are OK, and only once in a while they make sense apparently. Hope you all have a good evening!

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  1. I love what you did to that skirt, that's such a good idea just cutting one x