Saturday, 26 November 2011

Glitter, Shine and Sparkle.

Hi all! As it's the time of year again, I'm rocking glittery nails almost ALL of the time. As you probably know, I am in love with all things that glitter. I panted a set the other night for a friend which are so lovely, She wanted a set of black with a holo/duo finish. I knew exactly what i was going for, and whipped out my ancient (but still like new) GOSH Rainbow.

They remind me of this beautiful tree I took a photo of back in the Autumn.

It made me feel all wintery and Christmassy. I have wanted to copy Katy Perry's diamante-style nails for ages, and ordered some 1.5mm silver studs from eBay. They arrived last week so I got to work doing it for myself. Excuse the blurry pictures, my camera just wasn't cooperating!

Finally, I bought some Andrea Fullerton 'Glitter Puff Dusts and Overcoat' from Superdrug a while back, but have never got round to trying it out. I have no idea why cause its bloody amazing! I am constantly being disappointed by glitter varnishes that dry and look dull, chip easily and are just a bit bland looking. This however, is most certainly worth the £6.99. Its easy, you paint on the clear top coat, 'puff' the little tube of glitter, press down slightly and then seal with a layer of the gloss top coat or two. I was worried I was using loads of the glitter, but once finished, it still looks like it has never been used! It will last AGES.
The result is immense. Gorgeous holographic glitter, which can be used for just tips, moons etc, depending on where you want it to go! I can't believe there is not more hype surrounding this, I couldn't find a review or swatch on this. I literally can't stop staring at my nails, and had loads of compliments on them today. I urge you to go and get some, I cant fault this product at all! The pictures don't really do it justice.

I am wearing my 'Christmas' jumpers alot at the moment. This s my favourite. My boyfriend hates it. This only makes me wear it more :)

It was a bargain at £0.50 from a Charity shop. Also, my ring in one of the photos is my late Nana's, isn't it sweet? I never take it off!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

DIY Christmas Hamper.

I Love love love Christmas, but hate shopping in late December, so I like to get all my shopping done now. I already have all of the most important people sorted, apart from Mum. I am getting her 2 tickets to see her favorite artist, Elvis Costello (And also secretly wishing that she will bring me along as her guest..) so i needed something that she can open on Christmas day. I looked on the internet for chocolate hampers, (she is a major chocoholic!) but they were all pretty expensive considering that actual chocolate you got, plus, there was always something she doesn't like in there. So I decided I would go in to town today, on a mission to make my own, for under £25.

Here are the bits I got.

It all came to around £24, but the tissue paper is a bit unnecessary and I didn't use the bow. 
Pop the tinsel-y bits in the basket (yes, it's actually a bin..)

Then I popped the fake mistletoe in the back.
I then added all of the goodies, trying to make it look pretty!

Next scattered some of the tinsel-y stuff around and over the chocs.
I then  made an easy bow using ribbon.
I made a small gift-tag type book to go on the finished hamper. I basically printed out some coloured rectangle shapes on some card, punched a hole on the corner and threaded them all together. Inside I wrote down some funny quotes about chocolate, and some facts about the health benefits of chocolate.. to make her feel less guilty when she digs in!

Then I wrapped the Basket in Cellophane, added the bow and then stuck on my little gift-tag-come-booklet. Ta Daaah!

I thought it turned out really nicely, and I know Mum will love it because it's something I have made. I took advantage of buy one get one free offers, and got the all of the stuff from Tesco, Wilkos and a Florist (for the cellophane.) I am making my step-dad a cheese and wine themed one. Its a great gift idea as its really versitile. Some other ideas are:

  • A 'DVD Night' theme. Some blockbuster voucers or a DVD with some wine, popcorn, sweets and chocolates? Maybe even a Snuggie!
  • A 'Pamper Hamper' Full of smellies like shower gels, bubble bath, bath bombs, scented candles etc.
  • Maybe a 'Coffee Lovers' gift set. With a cheap cafetiere, some nice coffee beans, some ameretti biscuits and a nice mug.
The possibilities are endless! Have you ever done a hamper before? How did it go down?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Even More Nails.

Hi guys!
Good news! I have a job! God I hate it when people use too many explination marks too, but i'm happy so i'll do it anyway :)
It's a place where used to work, but with new owners, which is certainly a plus as the old ones were awful. I'll be 'cheffing' (yes; actual term.) and doing out front too. In a happy bunny. I don't start until Tuesday, so I have been painting more nails to fill my free time.

I picked up a coluring in and sequin pack earlier from the 99p shop, I saw the sequins and thought 'CHRISTMAS NAILS!!' They have turned out great, I really love them. I'm such a sucker for anything shiny.

Here are some more christmas nails I have painted.

Some 'vintage rose' Style ones.

And some cupcake ones too. I think these are really cute!

I also have put some no longer worn clothes on my eBay. Check them out!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xo

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Recent Nails.

I thought I would share with you some of my recent nail designs, as I have been a bit cash-strapped with lots of free time on my hands, I have been messing about with my nail art. I  have also decided to try and sell a few on eBay, to see if there is any interest at all.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sorry for my blatant lack of posting, but it's unfortunately been a tough week as my work was shut down last week. So busy looking for jobs and and trying to keep a smile on my face! Lee worked there too, so that was both of us less jobless and bills to be paid! He has since, luckily, got himself a job,whereas I'm still searching!

Anyway, I told myself I wouldn't use this blog for moaning about stuff, so I shall stop right there! Lee took me for a beautiful walk around Portland which is where he grew up, it was a lovely day and I took heaps of photo's. I thought I'd share some with you.

Church Ope Cove. I honestly felt like there was nobody else in the world sat here, looking at the sea, just beautiful.

And from a distance, outside one of these huts were an old couple eating lunch and sharing a bottle of vino. What a life eh?!

'Pirates Graveyard' On the way down to the cove, there is an old church and these 'pirates' graves outside. Could hardly read any of them though..

I took this mainly because i thought it would set off the colour of the sky nicely.

This was part of the quarry that we visited, there were loads of stone carvings there, I like this one and the owl one the best.

Scary statue of awoman in the church near Lees house. Apparently her hand was cut off years ago because she used to point at people as they walked past, and then they would be cursed or die in a horrid way.

We ended the day standing on some cliffs and watching the sun set. Beautiful.