Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sorry for my blatant lack of posting, but it's unfortunately been a tough week as my work was shut down last week. So busy looking for jobs and and trying to keep a smile on my face! Lee worked there too, so that was both of us less jobless and bills to be paid! He has since, luckily, got himself a job,whereas I'm still searching!

Anyway, I told myself I wouldn't use this blog for moaning about stuff, so I shall stop right there! Lee took me for a beautiful walk around Portland which is where he grew up, it was a lovely day and I took heaps of photo's. I thought I'd share some with you.

Church Ope Cove. I honestly felt like there was nobody else in the world sat here, looking at the sea, just beautiful.

And from a distance, outside one of these huts were an old couple eating lunch and sharing a bottle of vino. What a life eh?!

'Pirates Graveyard' On the way down to the cove, there is an old church and these 'pirates' graves outside. Could hardly read any of them though..

I took this mainly because i thought it would set off the colour of the sky nicely.

This was part of the quarry that we visited, there were loads of stone carvings there, I like this one and the owl one the best.

Scary statue of awoman in the church near Lees house. Apparently her hand was cut off years ago because she used to point at people as they walked past, and then they would be cursed or die in a horrid way.

We ended the day standing on some cliffs and watching the sun set. Beautiful.