Saturday, 26 November 2011

Glitter, Shine and Sparkle.

Hi all! As it's the time of year again, I'm rocking glittery nails almost ALL of the time. As you probably know, I am in love with all things that glitter. I panted a set the other night for a friend which are so lovely, She wanted a set of black with a holo/duo finish. I knew exactly what i was going for, and whipped out my ancient (but still like new) GOSH Rainbow.

They remind me of this beautiful tree I took a photo of back in the Autumn.

It made me feel all wintery and Christmassy. I have wanted to copy Katy Perry's diamante-style nails for ages, and ordered some 1.5mm silver studs from eBay. They arrived last week so I got to work doing it for myself. Excuse the blurry pictures, my camera just wasn't cooperating!

Finally, I bought some Andrea Fullerton 'Glitter Puff Dusts and Overcoat' from Superdrug a while back, but have never got round to trying it out. I have no idea why cause its bloody amazing! I am constantly being disappointed by glitter varnishes that dry and look dull, chip easily and are just a bit bland looking. This however, is most certainly worth the £6.99. Its easy, you paint on the clear top coat, 'puff' the little tube of glitter, press down slightly and then seal with a layer of the gloss top coat or two. I was worried I was using loads of the glitter, but once finished, it still looks like it has never been used! It will last AGES.
The result is immense. Gorgeous holographic glitter, which can be used for just tips, moons etc, depending on where you want it to go! I can't believe there is not more hype surrounding this, I couldn't find a review or swatch on this. I literally can't stop staring at my nails, and had loads of compliments on them today. I urge you to go and get some, I cant fault this product at all! The pictures don't really do it justice.

I am wearing my 'Christmas' jumpers alot at the moment. This s my favourite. My boyfriend hates it. This only makes me wear it more :)

It was a bargain at £0.50 from a Charity shop. Also, my ring in one of the photos is my late Nana's, isn't it sweet? I never take it off!

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