Friday, 18 November 2011

Even More Nails.

Hi guys!
Good news! I have a job! God I hate it when people use too many explination marks too, but i'm happy so i'll do it anyway :)
It's a place where used to work, but with new owners, which is certainly a plus as the old ones were awful. I'll be 'cheffing' (yes; actual term.) and doing out front too. In a happy bunny. I don't start until Tuesday, so I have been painting more nails to fill my free time.

I picked up a coluring in and sequin pack earlier from the 99p shop, I saw the sequins and thought 'CHRISTMAS NAILS!!' They have turned out great, I really love them. I'm such a sucker for anything shiny.

Here are some more christmas nails I have painted.

Some 'vintage rose' Style ones.

And some cupcake ones too. I think these are really cute!

I also have put some no longer worn clothes on my eBay. Check them out!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xo


  1. awh the Christmassy ones are so cute <3

  2. I love the vintage rose ones!