Friday, 9 December 2011

I am stuck in a rut.. Advice?

Hello, this is a bit of a strange post but I need some advice! I took the hair plunge a couple of months ago, and went from bleach blonde to a dark purple. And now I'm really bored. I want to go either lilac, or bright red. Although i'm pretty open to anything.
Here is my face with the blonde and again with the purple.

Please help! What colour should I go for next?


  1. Awesome blog! You look great with both :) I think lilac would be amazing x

  2. I think Lilac would look amazing!!


  3. I went from blonde to red last year. I would say go lilac. The red is so difficult to get out and you will have to be ginger for a while if you wanted to ever go back lighter again!XO


  4. even though everybody is saying lilac, I think red would look beautiful! you'd be a stunning red head(: xx


  5. i used to have bright red hair and loved having it! i really think it would suit you if you went for it :) xx