Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Jolly Isobella.

Hey guys!
I bring good news.. (well, for me) I'm moving! I am so excited. Lee moved in my flat about a year and a half ago, and my flat is super tiny, so with both of us in it's bursting at the seams.

The new flat has got two double bedrooms, a small room, an open kitchen/living space, a bathroom, and a separate utility room with an extra toilet. It has a big bay window, which overlooks the sea. I am literally so excited that I am probably making no sense what so ever!

Sooo,we are currently trying to decide what we are going to do, we are hoping that we can fit the bed in the small room, and then have a double bedroom each for our own uses. Lee wants a games room. A typical man-room with xboxes and Wiis and big TVs and all that jazz. I want a dressing room, with an old shabby chic dressing table, with a Hollywood vanity mirror and a nail station. I have been scouring the internet and have mentally spent around sixteen thousand pounds already. I bloody wish!

My run of luck continued with an early Christmas present from the tax man as well. I am so happy at the moment! Today I helped out at a pensioners Christmas meal, it was so lovely. There was a band playing and all of the old couples got up to dance, it melts my heart! One of the tiniest old ladies I have ever seen also had a go on the drum kit!

I am currently watching Tim Minchin on the TV, hasn't he got the most beautiful eyes? 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas!


  1. That is so exciting! Such a lovely idea for you to have the typical men and women's room! Have a lovely christmas. :)x

  2. lovely nails :)
    ive met tim minchin, i was absolutely awestruck!
    laur xx