Wednesday, 19 October 2011

2 True Nail Varnishes.

Yesterday I was in Superdrug looking for nail varnishes, and this gorgeous red colour caught my eye. It’s part of the ‘2 True’ collection, which is either £1.99 per item or three items for a fiver. Bargain. I think it’s across their whole range of make up too.

I have been obsessed with nail varnishes in the past, and have paid up to £12 for a pot. I was once told that their is only actually four nail varnish companies in the UK and that price is pretty much irrelevant, its just the brand name you are buying in to. (Don’t know if thats actually true…)

These varnishes went on really nicely, i used a base coat of the deep Christmas red, simply called ‘shade 8’ and then painted on ‘shade 2’ of their limited edition sparkle range. I LOVE IT! It’s made me feel really christmassy, the picture is crap due to my rubbish camera, and really doesn’t do the glitter justice.

Not Exactly 'Fast Dry' but Beautiful Colours. 

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