Monday, 31 October 2011

Day Off.

This morning was lovely, after a 64 hour week last week, I was determined to actulally have a proper lie in, and got up art quarter past one! I bloody well needed that thank you! Lee was a complete darling this morning and made me porridge and coffee and had done all the washing up.
Then we went in to town and i bought myself a few bits..

I adore second hand books with messages inside. A story inside a story if you will.


I'm iin LOVE with this! £4.00 too, BARGAIN! Charity shop.

I walk past these everyday on my way to work, today i took the plunge and bought them. I was suprised that they were just £20.

I'm a naughty girl I know, i'm supposed to be saving for my weekend away in December but I am a weak person!

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