Thursday, 27 October 2011

DIY Glitter Nail Varnish.

I love glitter so much, but i find varnishes are always better in the bottle than on the nail, even when you pay a lot for them!

Yesterday I bought some glitters from Wilkos and The Work for 99p a pack, and decided I would try the tap on glitter to wet nails and then put a clear top coat over, but it's far too fiddly and fussy for me. So then I had a mini brain wave, why not add the glitter to my half empty top coats?

Pretty self explanatory really, Make a funnel, pour the glitter in to a half empty bottle of clear or sheer varnish, and bobs your uncle!
Really chunky-glitter effect: I like.
Excuse the legnth of the nails, I stuck them all on and then couldn't find my scissors. My boyfriend has taken them to work to use on fish. (he is a chef)
Yes fish.
Men sometimes just don't get it do they?!