Friday, 21 October 2011

eBay Tip.

Most of the jewellery we buy from Topshop, Warehouse, New Look or wherever is the same. Its great when you but it but the colours quickly fade and the plating quickly comes off, promoting lots of smug comments about your green finger. We can't all afford real gold or silver jewellery, and let's face it, they aren't always as pretty as some high street stores.

I stumbled across some great eBay stores which sell some great pieces. You may have to shift through a lot of 'no's' to find a 'yes', but it's totally worth it. The eBay stores I'm talking about are the Asian ones you think will rip you off. The prices are unbeatable unless you enjoy mugging people and don't mind prison. And the delivery is usually free. It may take up to a month to come, but it's totally worth it!

Here are some links to some nice little stores I have found:

The baby is currently on it's way to me..
Topshop: 12.50

eBay: £0.99

Now I don't mind waiting a month!

Ignore all the claims of it being 'vintage' and 'antique' cause it's not.

Here are some pictures of my buys.

Hope you are having a great Friday and looking forward to the weekend!

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