Monday, 24 October 2011

Jessie J. WARNING: Lots of standard, blurry, gig photo's.Vino.V

Yesterday, my boyfriend Lee and I went to see Jessie J at the BIC in Bournemouth. She was even more AMAZING than I thought she would be!

I got up early and did a quick zebra-type nail which i really love. The Black is a cheap nail art pen and the brown is Barry M's 'mushroom.' I usually dislike Barry M because their varnishes are really gloopy and take too long to dry. But I love this colour a lot!


The green with glitter half moons fromm before. The green is from Star Gazer but i don't know which shade it is. And the half moons I did with a standard cheap silver glitter.

We decided to head up early on the train so we could do a little shopping at Lee wanted to watch the football. He supports Manchester United and we* were playing Manchester City which is a big thing. (*we? Ahh he is turning me to the dark side..) So as i rarely ever get out out of Weymouth any more, my spirits were high (especially after a few vodkas..) Here are some pictures from the journey.

City won 6-1 in the end and I swear I saw a tear in Lees eye. Then we did a mad dash around the shops as they were all closing and then it was Jessie time.


Then we met up with some friends for more Vino.


First Act.. Cherry V. Amazing singer.

Then when Devlin came on I went to the bar, couldn't get back to everyone due to the hoards of screaming, and frankly terrifying teenage girls. So I went around a different way and managed to blag my way in to seating. I prefer it, as it was a much better view.

Then I got asked for my ticket so had to go back to standing (ooops!) In time for the lady herself :)

In my mad dash around the shops before hand, I finally picked up a onesie. It was only a tenner from Primark, and despite the fact its like four foot longer than I am, the fact that its a cat makes up for that. Meow.

Excuse the gormless look.

Here are some other bits. All Primark except the travel cup, which was £5.00 from Wilkinson. The Jumper on the left, two bags, some burgundy socks, some reindeer PJ bottoms and some spotty and leopard tights. Thank you Primarni!

So much for this being a short post! Back to work soon :(. I have far too many shifts this week. Today 9-4 then 6-11 as with tomorrow, Wednesday off. Same again Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then 10-5 Sunday.
Pro-plus will be my best friend.


  1. nice postt!xx


  2. I really love those zebra nails - awesome! x


  3. awh I need that onsie in my life!